Friday, 9 September 2016

Local Government Ombudsman Watch

Hello Welcome to the LGO Watch

This page has been set up to monitor the LGO Local Governement Ombudsman INDEPENDDENTLY  in respect of Fairness Efficiency Resolution and impartiality

We'd like to here from YOU   Why because the best independent appraisal comes from the Service user. We would like to hear from you at any point  particularly if the Ombudsman Service has decided not to rule on your case

Please note posts may be editted to remove names or other personal information but will in the main remain your concern

Abbrieviations you might see

POS   Public Open Space
LA     Local Authority
LGO  Local Goverment Ombudsman
LGA  Local Government Association
DCLG  Dept Communities Local Governement
FOI    Freedom of Information Act

Terms You Might Find

Ultra Vires

Contact Numbers

Website of The Local Government Ombudsman  LGO
Review of Governance  This Service 2013 Review
FOI Requests        What Do they Know

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